Kato 10-010 Starter Set Series E353 "Azusa/Kaiji"   N Scale

Kato 10-010 Starter Set Series E353 "Azusa/Kaiji" N Scale

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E353 „Azusa/Kaiji“ of JR East Japan now joins the series of Kato Starter Sets.
E353, which started the business operation in December, 2017, was a successor of E257 and E351 that had been in service under the nicknames of “Azusa” or “Kaiji”. As a major character, it has high curving performance equal to E351 by employing car-body tilting system using air spring. The simple and powerful paint-scheme feels very speedy like symbolizing the next generation limited express train, donning violet belts on the alpine white body.

● Starter set E353 series "Azusa / Kaiji"
-A starter set that combines four E353 series "Azusa / Kaiji", "Unitrack track", and "Power pack" that are active in JR East, and is recommended for those who are starting a model railroad from now on. The power pack comes with a high output (1.2A) standard SX
・ Vehicles included in the set have the same specifications as the <10-1522 E353 series "Azusa / Kaiji" basic set (4 cars)>
・ 10-1523 / 1524 E353 series "Azusa / Kaiji" Add-on set (5 cars) / Attached train set (3 cars) to enjoy full train operation
-Power pack adopts high output (1.2A) "Power pack standard SX" and "AC adapter for starter set"
-The attached plan variation guide is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more expansive system development
-There is a secret pocket inside the package, which can store the case of the vehicle set and railroad tracks that you purchased later.
・ Package size is shared with M1 master set (size width 390 mm x height 355 mm x depth 110 mm)