Kato 10-1541 Series 787 Around Kyushu 4-Car Add On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1541 Series 787 Around Kyushu 4-Car Add On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1541 Series 787 Around Kyushu 4-Car Add On Set N Scale

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New variation will join the long-selling item series 787. The real train currently belongs to Minami Fukuoka Rolling Stock Center and Oita Rolling Stock Center, serving as the main conventional limited express train under the nicknames of “Kamome”, “Kirameki”, “ Nichirin ”,“ Hyuga ”or“ Kirishima ”.

 Together with this train, you can run various trains in Kyushu ranging from luxurious trains to local trains such as “Seven Star in Kyushu”, Series 885, 883, 813, KIHA47 “Aqua Liner”.

・ "AROUND THE KYUSHU" logo from 2011 to 2011

・ The 4-car set is newly equipped with Kuroha 786 (downward half-chamber green car) and Kuha 787 0 series (upward ordinary car)

-Saha 787-100 lineup as a single item. Recommended for addition of 7-car sets and for addition of existing 6-car sets

-The first car in each set is a new dummy coupler and skirt with electric connection. Comes with coupler set and skirt for top connection

・ 6 + 6 12-car train “Kirameki” can also be reproduced, and the occasional 4 + 4 substitute “Sonic” can be reproduced.

・ Headlight / taillight lighting. The headlight is reproduced with white LED. (Upper light bulb color, fog light yellow) with off switch

・ Vacuum-type waste disposal equipment is newly created as a separate part attached to the carriage

・ Stable driving is possible by adopting a well-established power unit. 4-car set has no traction tires for combined operation

-KATO coupler tightly connected as standard for intermediate connection

-Destination display sticker included. 7 car set / 4 car set each with different contents

・ Attached stickers for the 4-car set also cover one-man limited express and regular train operations. Also includes a pattern of the speaker outside the car so that the appearance of the one-man remodeling can be reproduced

-The 7-car set uses a book case for 8 cars. Can store a single Saha 787-100

・ 11-211 / 212 LED interior light clear / (6 cars included)