Kato 10-1655 Rhaetishce Bahn BERNINA with New Logo Basic Set (3Cars) N Scale
Kato 10-1655 Rhaetishce Bahn BERNINA with New Logo Basic Set (3Cars) N Scale
Kato 10-1655 Rhaetishce Bahn BERNINA with New Logo Basic Set (3Cars) N Scale

Kato 10-1655 Rhaetishce Bahn BERNINA with New Logo Basic Set (3Cars) N Scale

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Rhaetishce Bahn BERNINA with New Logo Basic Set (3Cars)

【Product introduction】
●Rhaetian Railway's popular sightseeing train ``Bernina Express'' along with ``Glacier Express''. KATO has revised the product specifications and set configuration, and will commercialize it with the addition of an open panoramic passenger car that will be connected in the summer.
●The Bernina Express is a tourist train that connects Chur, Switzerland, to Tirano, Italy, and is a passenger train with a distinctive panoramic glass side window that draws an elegant curve to the shoulders of the car.
●This train is used by many tourists as it passes through the Albula and Bernina Lines, which were registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008, and takes in the world-famous scenery before ending in Tirano.
-Since 2018, the logo drawn on the panoramic passenger car body has been changed to a new design.

-In this product, the basic/additional set does not include a power vehicle.
-Please enjoy combining the reproduced ABe8/12 <Allegra> with a different car number as a towing machine.
-The basic set is a vanity box with a hanger that has a unified look in the KATO Rhaetian Railway series.
●Packaging that makes the product look attractive is also recommended for exhibitions.

[About panoramic passenger cars]
-A ``Bernina Express'' passenger car with side windows that wrap around the roof shoulder giving a sense of openness. Reproduces a panoramic passenger car with a different appearance from the Glacier Express passenger car.
-The prototype is the current specification from 2018 when the logo was changed. A different car number than conventional products was selected.
-Accurately reproduces the interior of a 2+1 1st class car and 2+2 2nd class car.
●The interior lights of the "Panorama Passenger Car" can be turned on. Comes with a special lighting board for indoor lights

[About open panoramic passenger cars]
-The additional set includes an open panoramic passenger car with a trolley-shaped vehicle that stands out in bright yellow on the same railway, which has many red vehicles.
●The prototype selected B2096 from the group B2096 to B2102 manufactured in 1990. The writing on the side of the car is a combination of German and Italian.
●With the deck facing forward, the right side is “Rhatische Bahn” and “Aussichtswagen”, the left side is “Ferrovia retica” and “Carrozza panoramica”
-Reproduced in the form of a convertible cross seat of the actual car with 2 seats and 4 seats facing each other arranged randomly.

●Minimum passing radius is R150, same as Glacier Express. You can drive with the image of sharp curves just like a real car.
- All couplers are short couplers for Glacier Express.
-The basic set includes one replacement front display "Bernina Express" used for ABe8/12 <Allegra>.
-The book case of the additional set can store the contents of the basic set. (There is no storage space for ABe8/12 Allegra.)