Kato 20-283 UNITRACK Electric Turntable N scale
Kato 20-283 UNITRACK Electric Turntable N scale
Kato 20-283 UNITRACK Electric Turntable N scale

Kato 20-283 UNITRACK Electric Turntable N scale

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Electric Turntable

A roundhouse is now going to be released at this good timing as an item which is indispensable in a steam engine depot equipped with a turntable. Kato's N scale roundhouse just fits Kato's N scale turntable. This item realizes easily large roundhouses surrounding a turntable in an engine depot where heavy steam engines come together. A piece of roundhouse has 3 storing tracks. The outside dimensions are so determined that setting plural roundhouses side by side can easily represent a large engine depot for a main railroad line. The roundhouse is attached with dedicated Unitrack with an pits dug in for inspection. As regards exterior, it looks like a modern ferroconcrete structure with wide windows. You may paint it in the colors you like if you will.

Electric turntable (#20-283)
・The turntable that is essential for enjoying steam locomotives is now available from KATO! The definitive version of steam locomotive structure!
・Reproduces a type with a relatively shallow pit called the Shimoji type, and pursues ease of use for driving in a tatami room.
・The track arrangement angle of the turntable is 10°. The outer diameter of the main body is 217mm. The turntable girder length is 160 mm, which can accommodate large steam machines with plenty of room.
・The thickness of the turntable is 12mm. 5mm up compared to Unitrack's track top surface of 7mm. Height adjustment outside the adjacent track
・Adopts an auto-lock type automatic advance angle that rotates left and right and stops accurately by operating a switch on the controller.
・Practical turning speed of about 1 minute per revolution. Just before stopping, it decelerates further to ensure it stops. The realistic movement enhances the scenery of the engine room.
・Connector-type one-touch wiring eliminates the need for any complicated electrical wiring. Anyone can easily incorporate it into the layout
- Power is supplied to the line from the turntable. The turntable girder supplies power to the connected front and rear tracks, making it possible to travel.
・When storing, it is possible to turn on/off each detention line by using an insulation joiner, an adjacent track feeder kit (sold separately), and a power supply switch.
・Accessories... Turntable body x 1, turntable controller x 1, AC adapter power supply x 1, controller connection cord x 1, jump cord x 1, adjacent line (straight) x 4, outer line (3 lines) x 2, car stopper x 6, uni joiner x 2, insulation joiner (piece) x 6
- By combining multiple turntable expansion track sets (sold separately), it is possible to recreate the impressive large engine compartment of the main line.
・There are a wide range of separately sold structures, including a locomotive facility set that is perfect for recreating a locomotive area with a turntable.
・Product contents: main unit, turntable controller, AC adapter power supply, controller connection cord, 1 jump cord, 4 adjacent lines (straight), 2 outer tracks (3 lines), 6 car stops, 2 unijoiners, 6 insulated joiners (pieces).

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This item is Japanese ,100V .Please be careful of your country`s Voltage (100V -> 240V)  , you must use a Voltage Converter !!!