PRE ORDER Kato 3102-3 Alpine Locomotive Ge4/4-Ⅱ <RhB Logo>  Gauge
PRE ORDER Kato 3102-3 Alpine Locomotive Ge4/4-Ⅱ <RhB Logo>  Gauge

PRE ORDER Kato 3102-3 Alpine Locomotive Ge4/4-Ⅱ Gauge

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Pre Order Sell   July  2022

“Glacier Express” is an international sightseeing train, one of the icons for Switzerland which is familiar to many people in the world.

It is very popular as it runs through the European Alps in the southeast part of Switzerland from Zermatt to St. Moritz over two companies' railways "Rhaetishe Bahn" and "Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn" very slowly, spending 8 hours, so that the passengers can enjoy to the full looking at the magnificent Alpine landscape from the panoramic view windows.


Alps locomotive Ge4 / 4-II 631
-A small locomotive modeled after the design of the Swiss Federal Railways Re4 / 4, featuring a rounded box-shaped body and large side windows.
Currently, it is the most powerful vehicle on the Rhaetian Railway. It is widely used mainly for the Glacier Express connecting Disentis to St. Moritz, the Bernina Express from Chur to St. Moritz, and freight trains.
・ The prototype is the current appearance of the secondary car made in 1984, wearing the standard paint of Rhaetian Railway, and adding a square light on the front and a jumper plug.
-Accurately reproduces the car body designed in a curved tone and large windows
-Reproduce the details of each part such as the louver of the air intake on the roof, the resistor, and the large snowplow.
・ The jumper plug on the front of the car body is set as a user-attached part.
・ It is possible to tow 12 passenger cars of Rhaetian Railway when the power is 4% gradient.
・ Minimum passing radius is R150
・ DCC will be supported by replacing the light board.
-Standard equipment for the Glacier Express short coupler. Replacement Arnold coupler included
・ All three headlights are on (bulb color)