Hello !!

How are you?  Do you make trouble with your health?

I had not been able to send items for about 2 months . It is the reason of COVID-19 , and there are no airplanes from Japan to your country . I thought it had been a long long time .

However , I can send items by DHL . The shipping is a little expensive . It means not only the weight , but also volume . If it is not expensive , if it may be a little high volume , the shipping is a little expensive .  Please understand it . 

If the buyer buys a few items , the shipping may be the same . If there are some questions , please contact me .

Japan , too hot now . And , everyone cannot go out . If I go out by Bicycle , I must use the mask .  Then I think of Eihei Temple  , and ZEN . 

The sizable temple complex consists of over 70 buildings and structures which are connected to each other by covered walkways that protect from the heavy snow seen in the region from December to March. The warmer months bring lush vegetation to the temple grounds, which are especially beautiful from late October to early November when the autumn colors typically peak.

There are Monk . They get up early , and cannot talk to everyone . They also have a fixed amount of water to wash their faces. Be sure to practice without luxury. . 

Of course , we are very hot , but I think about Eihei Temple , and ZEN .

I send New items . Please check it .

I hope healthy for your body , and your family 

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