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I must say this EU policy .

We Japanese Seller , it may be difficult to sell These Japan Hobby .

Beginning July 16, 2021, US sellers selling to EU buyers will be affected by the EU's ongoing strengthening of product compliance enforcement. Under the new legislation established by the EU based on market surveillance rules and guidelines, EU product compliance requirements are validated and enforced by customs or authorities. It also covers the CE mark, which the manufacturer certifies that the product meets EU legal and safety standards.
As a result, CE-marked products sold in the EU are required to include information on economies established in the EU on their products or packaging. Most major brands that sell CE-marked products list existing economies established in the EU. Economic operators can be EU-based manufacturers, importers, authorized representatives or fulfillment service providers. If the item shipped to the EU does not contain this information, the item may be stopped by customs or may not be delivered to the buyer.

To comply with this new rule, please follow the steps below.

1. Confirm that you are trying to sell CE marked products to the EU. See "Frequently Asked Questions" for examples of products that display the CE mark.
2. Verify that the product is for the EU market and complies with EU legislation. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer.
3. If compliant, check if the item displays EU manufacturer or EU importer information. If an EU manufacturer or importer is listed, it is an economic operator in Europe.
4. If the EU manufacturer or importer is not listed, ask the non-EU manufacturer for an EU authorized agent. If you have an Authorized Agent, make sure that its name and contact information (including your address) appear on the item or package.
If the non-EU manufacturer does not appoint an authorized agent in the EU, we will ask you to do so. Authorized agents require a nomination signed by the manufacturer and technical documentation such as a manufacturer's conformity / performance certificate.
Alternatively, you can use the EU fulfillment service provider.

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