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Hello, this is Sunset Blue Train.

Well, this week, Greenmax announced a new product.
The most notable one is the popular Tokyu 6000 series, which is probably the start of reservations.
I thought that I had seen it before, and I checked it.
It was sold out immediately every time it was released on a popular vehicle that was commercialized by Greenmax four times in the past.
This time, we will organize a "Q SEAT" car to provide a paid seat reservation service, so don't miss it.

In addition, popular private railways that are typical of Greenmax will be commercialized one after another.
Keikyu's "KEIKYU YELLOW HAPPY TRAIN", which appeared in May 2014 and features a yellow body,
Odakyu 3000 series, which appeared as a vehicle for cost reduction, reduction of environmental load, barrier-free promotion, etc.
Although I retired in 1995, reservations for the still popular Toei Subway 5000 series have started.
Greenmax announces a lot of new products, but because it is popular every time, reservations are closed early, so please place your order as soon as possible.

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