Japan Trip Series

Hello , This is Japan Trip Series .

Fall 2020, when the effects of the new coronavirus will continue. Travel demand has not yet recovered, so JR companies are trying to stimulate demand with cheap free tickets and discount tickets. As a traveler, you should be grateful to use a cheap ticket while trying to prevent the spread of infection. In this article, we will introduce the free tickets and discount tickets of JR companies that can be used during the travel season in the fall of 2020.
If you plan to travel around Hokkaido by train this fall, the ticket you use is the "HOKKAIDO LOVE! 6-day tour pass". R All-you-can-ride on all conventional lines in Hokkaido, including limited express trains, for 6 days It's a super-value ticket for 12,000 yen. You can also board the reserved seats of the limited express train up to 4 times.

Not only if you travel around Hokkaido by train, but also a round trip between Sapporo and major cities such as Hakodate, Kushiro, and Wakkanai is a good ticket.


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