July 2021 Kato 3020-1 Electric Locomotive

Hi  This is New Selling in Kato , July 2021 .

Kato 3020-1 ,In the later years, the EF58 type was maintained and remodeled with an emphasis on practical use and performance maintenance, and the number of vehicles that changed the shape of the driver's cab window, the elevating stairs and the side air filter, etc. It is one of. The original large window EF58 represented by Unit 53 was one of the most popular EF58s, and was the flower shape of the Tokaido / Sanyo Main Line.
You can enjoy driving with your favorite formation.

-Reproduce the front of the original large window equipped with a drainer
-Accurately reproduce the original side filter
-Accurately reproduce equipment such as fusee and lightning arrester on the roof
・ Representing the driver's cab (operation panel, chair, indoor see-through)
-Beautiful reproduction of body notation
・ Headlight lighting
・ Powerful and smooth running performance is demonstrated by adopting a power unit equipped with a flywheel.
-Arnold coupler standard equipment. Replacement knuckle coupler included
・ Selectable license plates "31" "53" "61" "66" "69"
・ Accessories: Selectable license plates, nigiri sticks, whistles, replacement knuckle couplers, roof equipment

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