Kato 1-811 Freight Car Set !!!


This is July Kato Selling item .

This hopper car was developed in 1966 for transport of wheat or feed. The body has an oval cross section and expanded to the limit. The inside is separated in two sections with a partition. It has a cargo loading opening upside and cargo dropping opening downside. It was in use for a long time until it was decommissioned due the decrease of cargos to transport.

-Faithfully reproduce the form of Hoki 2200, a hopper car with a complicated form and rich three-dimensional effect.
● Steps and hand pickpockets have separate parts to express a three-dimensional effect in detail and accurately.
-Reproduce the realistic driving scene by reproducing the dolly full of three-dimensional effect and the "actually rotating roller bearing part" adopted for the first time in Japan (HO).
-In addition to the popular "round hatch x 4" form, the "oval hatch x 2" form found in the form produced in the previous term can be reproduced by selecting accessories.
● Uses black-plated wheels.
● The body number and affiliation notation can be selected with a realistic letter plate. Other car body notations are realistically reproduced by printing.
-Equipped with a (HO) KATO knuckle coupler that reproduces the form of the actual vehicle coupler and has a coupling function.
● Single item
● Accessories (parts with users)
・ Handrails, ladders, oval hatches, brake handles, brake rods, brake cylinders, air pipes, operating shafts, operating bearings, vehicle body numbers, affiliation notation inletter, roller shafts, parts mounting jigs, etc.

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