KATO 1-812 Freight Car Set HO

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HO Freight Cars set , will begin , again.

The Wam 90000 is a popular boxcar that represents JNR manufactured from 1953. The Wam 23000 boxcar, which was manufactured before the war, was remodeled into a two-stage link and the Wam. It can be divided into the newly manufactured vehicle as the 90000 type.
It was heavily used for a long time during the JNR era and became synonymous with "black freight cars", but at the end of the period it rapidly decreased due to the decrease in freight traffic and the accompanying surplus of Wamu 80000, leading to the disappearance of the form. ● Faithfully reproduce the form of Wam 90000, which is synonymous with "black freight car".
● (HO) Making full use of the detail know-how cultivated in the commercialization of Wamu 80000, we have achieved detailed and accurate shape expression by attaching openable side doors and some handrails.
● Excellent running performance due to the three-dimensional under detail, light rolling performance, and bearings with a derailment prevention mechanism adopted from the (HO) Wamu 80000 type.
● Black wheels (spoke cores) are used for the wheels.
● The body number and affiliation notation can be selected with a realistic lettering sheet. Other car body notations are realistically reproduced by printing.
-Equipped with a (HO) KATO knuckle coupler that reproduces the form of the actual vehicle coupler and has a coupling function.
● 2 cars
● Accessories (parts with users)
・ Handrails for each part, body number, affiliation notation Instant Lettering

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