Kato 1-820 (HO)Wamu 380000 Freight 2 Car Set


Second HO Freight car of July .

The prototype Wamu 380000 is one of the most popular 2-axle covered freight cars and is used in the greatest number throughout Japan. This freight car, noticeably painted in blue, is regularly seen here and there in Japan.

● Roller bearings In addition to the modified axle shape, the "actually rotating roller bearings" unique to HO gauges reproduce realistic driving scenes.
-Faithfully reproduce the details under the floor such as brake levers and steps.
-Beautiful reproduction of the bright blue body paint color.
-Reproduce the car body notation other than the car body number realistically and beautifully.
● The body number is an inletter system that allows you to set your favorite number.
● Uses black wheels that tighten the suspension.
● Single item (2 cars included)
● Handrail, roller shaft tip (user-attached parts), lettering sheet

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