Kato 10-1718 Series E2 1000 Shinkansen Bullet Train "Hayate"


Kato August 2021 !!

Series E2 No. 1000 or over Shinkansen (Bullet Train) "Hayate" made its debut in December, 1998 in 10 car configuration when the Shinkansen station, Hachinohe, was opened. It is a revised version of E2 No. 0 or over, which was operated on Nagano, Joetsu and Tohoku Shinkansen lines. Each window was expanded over two rows of seat inside, the red line was changed into pink and a symbol marks of swallow and apple were painted on the body. Currently it runs at the highest speed of 275 km/h between Tokyo and Hachinohe in the northern part of Japan.
The "Kato" scale model is equipped with a coupler which can connect another Shinkansen train just like it is practiced in the real trains.

The photo is , now , real Hayate . Kato has made these items . It may be different to new items . Please understand it .


Thnak you

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