Kato 14-503-1 This week ! Pocket Line Patrol Tram


This week , it begins to sell Kato 14-503-1 !!  Chibi Series !!

A tram wrapped like a Japanese police car which can be seen in some towns. It is a handy small streetcar you can enjoy in the friendly design. It is recommendable to operate it alongside of other pocket line series and other scale modelsChibiden Tram in my city Patoden
-Features black and white coloring and a design that imitates the patrol light on the forehead
-Adopts a power unit that uses a small coreless motor. Solid running performance despite its cute appearance
・ The pantograph uses a movable single-arm pantograph.
・ It doesn't matter where you play, whether it's a small layout or a unit tram track.
・ Minimum passing radius: R117

Please looking forward to check it !!!

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