Kato HO Scale Freight Cars 1-808

Hello Today , I checked HO Scale Freight car .

The Wam 80000 is the most popular 2-axle boxcar manufactured for pallet loading since 1960.
The side door, which expresses press molding, can be opened and closed even in the product.
・ Reproduce the 280,000 series as a prototype
-Realistic reproduction of underfloor details such as brake levers and steps. Beautifully reproduces the bright color of the car body
-The body number is an inletter system that allows you to set your favorite number. Realistic and beautiful reproduction of vehicle body notation other than vehicle body number
・ Adopts black wheels that tighten the suspension
・ Accessories: Lettering sheet, hand pickpocket

If you are interested in it , please check it !!


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