Kato Locomotive 2024 Sell , again

Kato 2024 , it is Steam Locomotive . Did you remember about it ?

It will sell in July , again .  

JNR’s steam locomotive C57 is a model which was made based on the design of C55 by improving the function of boiler. As many as 201 cars were manufactured from 1937 to 1947 to pull express trains, etc. on main lines and sub-main lines across Japan. The locomotive was known under nickname “Noble Lady” and it was liked so much that many of the locomotive are still preserved in museums or operated as event trains.
12 cars of C57 4th model Nos. 190 through 201 belong to the final group produced from 1946. This model is changed in terms of the outlook in that it has a bit thicker boiler, corner-cut smoke deflectors, cab with doors and tender with round bottom and trucks with roller bearing wheels.
In the last age of steam locomotives, this model was deployed to Miyazaki engine zone, etc. and became the last locomotive to pull the express train “Nichinan No. 3” until it was taken out of service in 1974. The express used to depart from Kyoto and travel nearly 1,000 km on Sanyo line in Japan Proper and on Nippon Main line in Kyushu Island southward to Oita, Miyazaki and Miyakonojo.
The last steam locomotive CT270 which has ever pulled passenger trains in Taiwan is the same model as C57. 6 cars of CT270 were manufactured by Kawasaki and Hitachi in 1942 and 1943 before the war and 8 cars were additionally manufactured by Hitachi under assistance from U.S.A. so that total of 14 cars were operated till the electrification.

It is a locomotive which is suitable for any scene with a steam locomotive train. When it was still in active service, it pulled not only a freight train but also a long passenger train as an express or as a local train. So you can make a various kinds of scale model train consist. It is also fun to reproduce in N scale such triple locomotive heading, as seen before on Bantan line, to deadhead locomotives.

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