Kato Narita Express

Hello, this is Nakano of mid-Nine.

From February 21st, the new model "17000 series" started to operate on Tokyo Metro.
I think there are many people in Tokyo who are already on board.
The previous 7000 series was commercialized from Micro Ace, but it is already sold out by the manufacturer and is not available.
The 17000 series is also one of the vehicles that I'm looking forward to being N gauge.

Now, I would like to introduce a nostalgic vehicle that will be released this week.
The popular E259 series "Narita Express" featuring the leading vehicle wrapped with "NEX" is finally on sale.
As of 2012, it was also handled at our shop, so it is a rare vehicle that will be reproduced many times in 10 years.
When it comes to reproduction, the number of orders decreases each time, but on the contrary, the number of orders for this vehicle is increasing, so the popularity of "Narita Express" is amazing.

If you take a look at other new Greenmax products, we would like to introduce some nostalgic products that are now available for pre-order.
Do you remember the structure Toyoko Inn that was released by Greenmax about four years ago?
Speaking of Toyoko Inn, there are many people who used it at their travel destinations at famous hotels all over Japan.
Even when it was commercialized before, it was sold out by the manufacturer immediately after receiving a considerable order.
I didn't expect this product to be renewed, so if you couldn't get it at that time, please do so as soon as possible.

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