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New Microace . Till 4 May 2021


The 300 series, which appeared in 1990, was the first vehicle for the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen to use an aluminum alloy body.
In addition, VVVF inverter control for the bolsterless trolley and main controller was adopted for the first time on the Shinkansen. 100
The roof height is 40 cm lower than the system. A cover is installed around the pantograph on the roof to reduce noise.
It is very effective and can operate at a maximum speed of 270km / h. Initially, pantographs will be installed on cars 6, 9 and 12.
At the end point, one unit in front was lowered and one unit in the rear was raised, but since 1996, 6, 12
The operation has been changed so that only the car number is installed and the cover is constantly raised, and the shape of the front and rear covers has also changed. JR West
The manufactured 300 series are distinguished by the formation number of "F". After the "F6" formation, which is the third car, the customer door is a plug door.
Was changed to a sliding door. Cars belonging to JR West are classified by 300 series 3000 series, blue JR mark, side lower trolley
There are differences in appearance such as dents for receiving jacks in the vicinity, and differences such as the gray design of the seats.
• Further enhancement of the Micro Ace Shinkansen series
• Variation model based on A7360 / 61 (released in June 2012)
• Head light and tail light are on. LED use
• Equipped with a power unit with a flywheel


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