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Do you know Popontetta ? It is Japanese company which of N Scale train . There are Store in Japan . But , there are a lot of Kato , Tomix , Green max , and so on . Popontetta makes the hobby , too .


But , they said , they begun to sell in 2019 ...Yes , it has been mot made finished .On February , they said it might sold in June 2021 . Is it true ? I have waited that train .


Actual vehicle overview
The 30000 series, which appeared in 1983, is a vehicle that connects Namba and Gokurakubashi. Two trains were manufactured as the third-generation limited express "Koya". Currently, in addition to "Kouya", we are expanding the operation to the limited express "Rinkan" that connects Namba and Hashimoto.

Product specifications (scheduled as of June 2018)
Common specifications at the time of renewal car and appearance
4-car set, power unit mounted on the intermediate car, head light / tail light lighting, interior light can be installed as an option (made by Popondetta * applicable product will be announced at a later date), Arnold coupler, stored in a book type case

The specifications at the time of appearance are different from the updated car specifications as follows
No destination / car direction curtain, no commercial window for intermediate car, no fall prevention hood, reproduction around pantograph, no "NANKAI" logo, old logo mark printed, skirt of leading car is unconnected, other underfloor equipment, etc. Has the same specifications as the updated car.

・ We are developing a new motor vehicle.


Part number 6001
Product name: When the Nankai 30000 series limited express "Koya" appeared
JAN 4573298230108
Price 23000 yen (+ tax)
4-car train set

Part number 6002
Product name Nankai 30000 series limited express "Koya" renewal car
JAN 4573298230115
Price 23000 yen (+ tax)
4-car train set

How long .....

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