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Autumn in Japan means gorgeous koyo foliage, mild weather ideal for traveling around, special events, and delicious food.It begins around mid-September and lasts through November.

If you plan a trip to Japan in the fall, read on to learn what clothing you should pack, how and where to enjoy the autumn leaves, and traditional events and seasonal food that you shouldn't miss. I stay Takarazuka city ,, and Hankyu Train , and JR . It is very fast .

See our Fall Colors 2020 feature to learn the most beautiful seasonal foliage spots in Japan.

Autumn in Japan, the months of September, October, and November.

In September, temperatures tend to be around 23ºC to 28ºC (73°F to 82°F) in the afternoon and drop to about 18ºC to 21ºC (64°F to 70°F) in the morning and at night.

In October, afternoon temperatures range from 19ºC to 23ºC (66°F to 73°F), and morning temperatures tend to be around 14ºC to 18ºC (57°F to 64°F).

In November, afternoon temperatures are about 14ºC to 18ºC (57°F to 64°F) while morning and evening temperatures are 7ºC to 12ºC (45°F to 54°F).

Although typhoons may occur between September to mid-October, the weather is comparatively comfortable in autumn.

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