Tomix Match Feb  JR 223-5000 series / 5000 series suburban train (Marine Liner) set E

The Marine Liner that is active on the Seto Ohashi Line is operated by the 223-5000 series owned by JR West and the 5000 series owned by JR Shikoku.
The 223-5000 series is based on the 223-2000 series, which is active in the Kansai area, and can be passed through using a hood frame when connecting the leading cars.
The two-story 5100 series is based on the E217 series Salo, and the 5200/5000 series is based on the 223-2000 series.


If you are interested in it , please let me know . Last day , it is 2 Oct , 2020 .


Thank you

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