Tomytec Tokyo Metro 6000 Series .... memory




In this time , it is  Tomytec train . It is N Scale , but , first time , there is No Power . And , Plastic model.

So , a little cheap .


However , there are these options , power unit , and runninh cars .

Yes , Tomytec can num on N Scale with Kato , and Tomic .  ( A litttle , it is not the same size )


So , Tokyo Metor is Tomytec 6 caars .

Semi-stainless steel type 6000, introduced in 1968 when the metropolitan Mita line Shimura (now · Takashimadaira) ~ Sugamo opened, was wrapping a red belt at that time.

The vehicle was also increased as the line was extended and the color of the belt was changed to blue.

After that, a blue belt was added to the front headlight part to renew the vehicle image and make the approach of the train easier to understand.

After retirement, some vehicles have been transferred to Chichibu Railway, Kumamoto Electric Railway, Republic of Indonesia (Jakarta City).

The model is based on the addition of the blue band to the front in the non-cooling era.

Recommended for power units of optional parts are TM - 08R (20 m class A), TT - 04 R (gray) for traveling parts sets, and <0238> PG 16 for pantographs.

* Tokyo Metropolitan Government Transport Bureau commercialization license application pending


I hink it is like Cicago , and NY metoro .


Thank you

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