Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day has come !!  Now , there is a lot of trouble , so I enjoy writing stories .

February 14th is Valentine's Day. It is celebrated as "Lover's Day" all over the world, and is also known in Japan as the day when women give chocolates to men.

The name "Valentine" first appeared in Japan in 1956. Advertisements for "Valentine Sale" have begun to appear in newspapers. This was an attempt by the distribution industry and the confectionery industry to incorporate Valentine's culture into Japan and promote sales, so it seems that it had little religious significance.

However, chocolate has not been a staple gift since Valentine's Day began in Japan. Initially, cosmetics and clothing were also eligible for gifts.

Also, as of the 1960s, it seems that there was no custom of giving gifts from women to men, and it was recommended that gifts be exchanged between family and friends, not just lovers.

Valentine's Day became popular in Japan in the latter half of the Showa 30's. In the 40's of the Showa era, the current Japanese style of Valentine's Day, in which women give chocolates to men, began to take root. By the way, there are various theories about the beginning of this "gift of chocolate" custom.

According to one theory, in 1945, Morozoff Confectionery in Kobe posted an advertisement copy saying "Let's give chocolate to your Valentine" in the English newspaper "The Japan Advertiser" for foreigners. It's the beginning of chocolate.

It is also known that Mary Chocolate Co., Ltd., a confectionery company in Ota Ward, started a campaign in 1958. It is said that the custom of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day permeated and spread to the upper grades of elementary school to high school students, and in the latter half of the 1980s, it became popular among housewives.

In Japan, it is the mainstream to give chocolates from women to men, but this is a culture created from a commercial background with the aim of promoting sweets. Valentine's Day in Japan is known as the day when women give chocolates to men and confess their love.

This Valentine's custom of "giving chocolate from women to men" is a culture unique to Japan. In Japan, it is said that about 20% of the annual consumption of chocolate is consumed on February 14.

In addition, the "Giri Choco" that was introduced in the first half of 1980 and is given to male friends and men who are indebted to them is also unique to Japan. In recent years, customs such as "friend chocolates" that men give to women, "reverse chocolates" that men give to women, and "reward chocolates" that they buy for themselves have become widespread.

Furthermore, "White Day" is one of the unique cultures of Japan related to Valentine's Day. March 14th, one month after Valentine's Day, is set as "White Day", the day when men return to women, and cookies, marshmallows, and candies are standard gifts.

When I was young, Valentine's day was exciting. Sometimes a shocking day. There was fun, but in fact it was a day when no one gave it to me.

I shouldn't have expected too much. Now I also have a chocolate-in-law. But this year, I don't have any chocolate-in-law.

Have a nice day !!


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