Kato 1-608 (HO)Kiro 80 1 pc Add-On
Kato 1-608 (HO)Kiro 80 1 pc Add-On

Kato 1-608 (HO)Kiro 80 1 pc Add-On

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Kiha 82 series
- Faithfully model the form of the mid-1970s of the heyday of diesel express trains.
・The Kiha 82 is equipped with head/tail lights as standard equipment (with a light-off switch). Light bulb color is used for the headlights, and white LEDs are used for the train mark lighting. Train marks and lights are realistically reproduced.
-Reproduction of Kiha 82, which has been active in various places for a long time as a limited express for non-electrified main lines and sub-main lines!

-The Kiha 82 series was born based on the Kiha 81 series, which has been proven in the Tohoku limited express [Hatsukari], with the aim of increasing the number of non-electrified main line railcars.
-At the same time, a dining car Kishi 80 equipped with a drive engine has also appeared.
-In October 1961, he made his debut on the limited express [Swan] on the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, and traveled to large cities such as [Ozora] in Hokkaido, [Kamome] from Kyoto to Nagasaki, and [Matsukaze] on the Sanin Express. - It has been active for a long time as a flower-shaped limited express train on the trunk line and sub-trunk line connecting local cities, and has been evaluated as the completed form of the JNR Diesel Express.