Kato 10-033 Freight Train 6-Car Set N Scale
Kato 10-033 Freight Train 6-Car Set N Scale

Kato 10-033 Freight Train 6-Car Set N Scale

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Kato will renew the assorted freight car set which is popular among beginners. This is a set of colorful and unique 6 cars picked out from lineup of JR freight cars rich at variation which enables you to easily enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of JR freight trains. Freight transport at the time of JR was taking the system that respective cars, destined to different destinations, joined together, making a freight train. So the freight train consisted of various cars different in appearance.
Many models of locomotives are suitable to draw this freight car set such as steam locomotives of various D51, C11, C12, C56, etc. and electric locomotives of EF15, EF65 0, ED71, EF80, EF81 normal color, etc. as well as diesel locomotives of various DE10, DD51 orange, DD54, DF50. This set is particularly recommended to those who have bought Starter Set Steam Locomot

- A 6-car set that includes a variety of freight cars from the JNR era, including boxcars, open cars, hopper cars, refrigerated cars, container cars, and caboose. By combining two sets, you can easily recreate the atmosphere of freight trains from the JNR era, where the caboose was composed of front and rear caboose.
・The car number and description of each vehicle are the same as the conventional single product.
-Tora 45000 comes with a cover that can reproduce the loading condition. Can also be removed
・All cars are equipped with Arnold couplers. Can be connected to various separately sold freight cars
・Yo5000 has a tail light on and a dummy coupler included.