Kato 10-1513	ICE 4 5-Car Add-On Set N Scale
Kato 10-1513	ICE 4 5-Car Add-On Set N Scale

Kato 10-1513 ICE 4 5-Car Add-On Set N Scale

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ICE 4 will join the lineup of Kato’s world high-speed train models..

ICE 4 is the 4th generation model of the German ICE (Intercity Express), one of the high-speed trains on European mainline network.

ICE 4 was developed as a train consisting of 12 cars adopting distributed-traction-system with emphasis on increased comfort for passengers travelling at the maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour in a long distance train. It also aims to enhance the transport power in various areas in Europe as an international train, which service will start in 2020, in addition to the current operation between German cities and regions.

Kato will make the N-scale train model in combination of 7-car basic and 5-car add-on sets.


● The streamlined top car’s sharp shape characterizing ICE4 is realistically reproduced.
● The train’s exterior of the high-speed train is accurately reproduced with the black side windows and red horizontal belt.
● Such letterings as signs seen here and there and car Nos. are precisely printed.
● The trucks on trailer cars are reproduced with exposed wheels with exposed brake disks.
● A car with motor is put in the basic set and the other in the add-on set one in each set. To achieve coordinated move of the two cars each with motor the motor car in the add-on set does not wear traction tires.
● The motor unit with flywheel ensures stable run of the train.
● Longer reflectors matching the longer car bodies are already installed. The separately sold LED lighting sets dedicatedly made for the longer cars will illuminate the train in combination with the reflectors.
● The couplers between the middle cars will be newly made representing the perimeter diaphragms. The top cars have no couplers.
● Operative head/taillights. The headlights use the light bulb color LED.
● DCC friendly
● Book case style package used for basic/add-on sets with width longer than the conventional package.