Kato 2-331 Concrete Tie Large-Radius Curve Track R1606mm(63 1/4”)-11.25° (HO)

Kato 2-331 Concrete Tie Large-Radius Curve Track R1606mm(63 1/4”)-11.25° (HO)

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【Product introduction】
Kato's HO gauge track, PC large diameter curved track R1606-11.25° (4 pieces).

It is a curved track that pursues the realism and stability of the running vehicle entering the curved section, and it is about twice the conventional maximum curve radius.
You can use it to make the HO Unitrack PC track even more attractive, such as for reproducing large loose curves, for transition curves, and for double track spacing offset.

You can enjoy driving your own vehicle on a relaxed curve.
Recommended for high-speed trains and long formations.

Commercialized without cant as an optimal specification that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways
Approximately double the maximum curve radius of conventional products. Two types of R1546 and R1606 are available
It protects important vehicles from wear and tear by suppressing stress when entering curved section entrances where the load on the vehicle's running device and coupling mechanism is large.
When used as a transition curve, the behavior of the vehicle that accompanies entering and exiting a curve from a straight line is moderated, resulting in a more realistic appearance and a significantly improved sense of stability.
Due to the large radius, the angle of each curved line is set at 11.25° (circumference with 32 lines), supporting various line plans
Can also be used for 60mm offset of double track spacing (60mm⇔120mm)
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Curved line R1606-11.25°×4