Kato 22-221-3 Sound Card “8620”
Kato 22-221-3 Sound Card “8620”

Kato 22-221-3 Sound Card “8620”

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The Sound Card “8620” will be released along with the main model of the 8620 Steam Locomotive Tohoku (North-East) in N-scale.

You can enjoy the locomotive with its original sounds such as the three-chamber whistle and the starting sound.
This product is a “controller tuning” type sound card which means that the running sound changes as the vehicle accelerates and decelerates.

Features Features
● A "controller tuning" type sound card that changes the running sound according to the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle.
-Reproduce the 8620 type when it was active all over the country during the JNR era
● Accurately reproduces crisp draft sound without an exhaust expansion chamber
-Reproduce the whistle of 3 rooms (3 chords) peculiar to the steam locomotive manufactured in the Taisho era
● By pressing the 6 function buttons, the sounds emitted from the work and equipment by the engineer or engine assistant such as whistle and coal throwing will sound.
● The controller-tuned type card allows you to enjoy the driving sensation that is integrated with the locomotive, such as from departure to acceleration, in a realistic and easy manner.
● A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package.