Kato 22-261-2 Sound Card Chizu Express HOT 7000 “Super HAKUTO”
Kato 22-261-2 Sound Card Chizu Express HOT 7000 “Super HAKUTO”

Kato 22-261-2 Sound Card Chizu Express HOT 7000 “Super HAKUTO”

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We will commercialize a sound card compatible with the Chizu Express HOT7000 series "Super Hakuto".
-The actual vehicle is a JR direct limited express vehicle for the third sector Chizu Express, a diesel car with a natural pendulum type stainless steel body with control based on the JR Shikoku 2000 series.
-It operates at a maximum speed of 130km/h, connecting Kyoto to Tottori/Kurayoshi in about 3 hours and 30 minutes. The format name HOT is derived from the initials of Hyogo, Okayama, and Tottori, and the "warmth (HOT)" of the people of the hot springs and Sanin.
-You can enjoy the atmosphere of the limited express "Super Hakuto" by reproducing the powerful diesel sound during acceleration, the feeling of running with advanced technology, and the singing and dancing songs related to the region.
-Although this product is a "sound synchronization" type sound card, a new "save synchronization setting" function has been added, and unless it is canceled at will, it will maintain the "controller priority mode" setting, which is easy to operate in sync with the operation of the power pack. increase.
- Even those who start driving with a sound box can enjoy it easily.

[Product Features]
-You can enjoy driving a model railroad while realistically feeling changes in the running sound depending on the running situation.
-Reproduce the powerful sound unique to diesel cars
- By pressing the 6 function buttons, you can enjoy boarding and alighting scenes and in-car melodies unique to the HOT7000 series.
●When the door is open, intermittent chime sounds and louder idling sounds outside the train create a sense of presence while the train is stopped at a station.
●In-car announcement melody can play "Furusato", "Daikokusama", and "Kinanse-bushi"
- The sound-synchronized sound card accelerates and decelerates according to the running sound, so you can enjoy it as if you were driving a real car.
-In controller priority mode, the vehicle runs according to the operation of the power pack, just like a controller-synchronized sound card.
-Even those who are new to sound cards can enjoy it easily.
●The "save tuning setting" function is a function that remembers the previous tuning mode when the power of the sound box is turned off, and maintains the setting when the power is turned on next time.