Kato 3070-2 Electric Locomotive EF56 1st Model N Scale
Kato 3070-2 Electric Locomotive EF56 1st Model N Scale

Kato 3070-2 Electric Locomotive EF56 1st Model N Scale

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The EF56 was created in 1937 and, together with the EF57, was a representative passenger DC electric locomotive of the prewar JNR with a bold style, sporting decks in the rear and front.
This model is ideal to recreate local trains with old passenger coaches or the freight trains as they could be seen on the Tohoku Main Line by joining it with single freight cars or the 10-898 Mail Train "Tohoku" 6-Car Set, which is simultaneously receiving a re-run.
From this product on the slotless motor will be equipped, which allows for even smoother and quiet operation.
Additionally, the front wheels now have the spokes removed. Accordingly, the item number, MSRP, and barcode have been changed.
-The EF56 is a passenger direct current electric locomotive that, along with the EF57, represents pre-war Japanese National Railways, with a heroic style that was born in 1937 and has decks on the front and rear.
-For the first time in an electric locomotive, it is equipped with a steam generator (commonly known as SG) for heating the passenger car, making it unnecessary to connect the heating car.
-Among the 12 EF56 cars manufactured, the primary type (1 to 7) is characterized by a rounded welded body, and in its later years was seen active on the Tohoku Main Line.
-In conjunction with the 10-898 mail/baggage train <Tohoku> and single baggage cars, which will be reproduced at the same time, it can be used to reproduce the baggage trains seen on the Tohoku Main Line and the local trains with old passenger cars. It's perfect.

●This product uses a slotless motor for the power unit, allowing you to enjoy smoother and quieter running performance.
-Also, the front wheel will be changed to a wheel without spokes.
●As a result, the product number, price, and JAN code will change.
・The body of the car is reproduced with its rounded welded structure.
・The heavy trucks characteristic of old electric locomotives are accurately recreated, including the accurate reproduction of the inner frame type leading truck, which is different from the EF57.
・Arnold couplers are standardly equipped. Knuckle couplers for exchange are included.
・"Included number plates: 2, 3, 6, 7
Maker plate: Kawasaki Vehicles"