Kato 40-822 UNITRAM Street Set N Scale
Kato 40-822 UNITRAM Street Set N Scale

Kato 40-822 UNITRAM Street Set N Scale

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Two types of sets that expand and enhance the layout by expanding the city of Nitram are now available.
- Unitram is a compact table top layout (diorama) system that allows you to enjoy town planning centered on road tracks (trams) with N gauge.
-You can easily enjoy the scene of the streetcar running in the city by combining plates.
-It is possible to create the cityscape you imagine by adding cars, structures (buildings), and dolls.
-We will release the package size of each product compactly.
-You can enjoy the expansion of the city and the scenery of the streetcar running by combining it with the basic set TV1 and Unitram Starter Set, and <40-814 TV4 Unitram Railway Line Set> scheduled to be released at the same time.

[Product Features]
- A set of road plates only, not including track plates
-It is possible to expand the outer road and site by adding to the track plate such as the starter set and TV1
・Cityscape: Scenes of streetcars running in the bustle of downtown can be recreated.
・Street corner: Reproduce the scene of the intersection in the downtown area
-By using this single product, it is possible to extend the endless roads and building areas of the Unitram Starter Set and TV1 in either vertical or horizontal direction.
-Contents are the same as the conventional product 40-820 Unitram Expansion Set Townscape, 40-821 Unitram Expansion Set Street Corner
●Each product has a smaller package than conventional products.

【set content】
- Road plate straight line 124 mm × 1
-Road plate intersection central road x 2
-Road plate intersection corner x 2
- Road fence (runner) × 2
- Traffic light (runner) × 1
- Street light (runner) × 1
- Plate joiner A × 8 (12 in total including plate built-in)