Kato 6-602  1/87 Raccoon Dogs
Kato 6-602  1/87 Raccoon Dogs

Kato 6-602 1/87 Raccoon Dogs

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A new series of animal figurines (KATO FIGU-ANIMAL) will join the Kato products lineup to inspire life into dioramas. The first product set to be released is a panda family which shows charming and cute poses unique to pandas.
* The diorama is not included in this product.
Ninja-Cat: The figure set is made on the basis of the photo pictures of cats taken by photographer Hiroyuki Hisakata. The photos are taken vividly at the moment that cats are making jumps and kicks like martial arts masters. They will represent not cute poses but dynamic and energetic movements of cats on your diorama.


●The first ever animal figure set from Kato
●1/87 Figure Set rich in the expression in their gestures can be used as small items in grass scenery or as accessories.
●Please add to T-Track in which one can realize free ideas.