Kato 7-504  (HO)HO LED Lighting Set
Kato 7-504  (HO)HO LED Lighting Set

Kato 7-504 (HO)HO LED Lighting Set

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Interior lights that create a beautiful night train scene
No soldering or adhesive is required, and you can easily install it to upgrade your vehicle.

・Achieves lighting with no unevenness in brightness
・Structure that the lighting plate is thin and does not stand out even in vehicles with low roofs
・By developing and using dedicated parts, the interior lighting will be more beautiful.
・By using a white LED as the light source, it creates an atmosphere that is close to the light color of fluorescent lighting, which is the most standard indoor lighting.
・(HO) LED interior light clear The incandescent color allows you to create an incandescent atmosphere. Especially effective for older vehicles
・Single item
・Accessory parts configuration (per vehicle): Lighting plate (prism light distribution plate) x 2, current collector (current collector shoe), interior light unit (assembly type), orange color filter, reflective paper