Kato 10-1736  Series E129-100 2-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1736  Series E129-100 2-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1736  Series E129-100 2-Car Set (N)
Kato 10-1736  Series E129-100 2-Car Set (N)

Kato 10-1736 Series E129-100 2-Car Set (N)

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The E129 series 0/100 series is a suburban DC train that appeared in the Niigata area in 2014. It features indoor equipment with long seats and semi-cross seats separated between the doors, asymmetrical door arrangements, and brake resistors on the roof. There are 4-car trains and 2-car trains to flexibly meet passenger demand, and up to 6-car trains are operated depending on the combination.
With the release of the 4-car set and the 2-car set, each of them is operated independently, as well as a 2 + 2 4-car formation, 4 + 2 (2 + 4), 2 + 2 + 2 6-car formation, which is similar to the actual car. Can be reproduced. It is a vehicle that you can enjoy with the E127 series, Echigo Tokimeki Railway ET127 series, ET122 series, etc. that are active in the same area.
-The prototype is the B12 formation (4-car set) and A9 formation (2-car set) belonging to the Niigata Rolling Stock Center. Reproduce the appearance equipped with Japan Transport Engineering Company Niitsu Office, Toyo VVVF, Mitsubishi AU725 cooler
● The exterior is a combination of a stainless steel body and a white forehead, with the “golden yellow” and “toki pink” band colors that represent the characteristics of the Niigata area, and the front shape and equipment for operation in heavy snowfall areas. Reproduce the characteristic appearance
● The leading car has headlights / taillights and front display lights (with a light-off switch). Uses white LED. The headlights reproduce the high beam state where all four lights are on
● Each vehicle uses a body-mounted close-coupled coupler without hooks at the intermediate connection. Dummy coupler is standard equipment at the beginning of the leading car, and a replacement connecting coupler is included.
● A skirt with a snowplow shape that is integrated with the body support is already attached (the coupler cannot be swung. When driving by connecting the leading cars, please use the skirt that supports the connection of the accessory parts.)
● By adopting a newly developed slotless motor, smoother and quieter running performance is achieved. Both sets of motor vehicles are set to Kumoha E129. Traction tires are equipped with 4-car set ... 2 pieces, 2-car set ... 1 piece
● Both sets have "normal (light blue) Niigata" installed on the front display. Includes replacement destination display (4-car set: "normal (red) Murakami", plain x 2 cars each, 2-car set: "one-man (pink) Naoetsu", plain x 2 cars each)
● The side destination display has been printed in solid black. Comes with a destination display sticker containing various tracks and destinations
● Printed out-of-vehicle speakers and door switches
● The contents of the 2-car set can be stored in the 4-car set book case.
● DCC friendly
● Accessories

・ 2-car set ・ ・ ・ Driver for turn-off switch, replacement coupler x 2, Denren (1 step) x 2, replacement destination display "One-man (pink) Naoetsu" ・ Plain x 2 cars each, skirt for connection x 2, destination display sticker