Preorder Greenmax 2711 toyoko-inn 東横INN Diorama Structure Business Hotel

Preorder Greenmax 2711 toyoko-inn 東横INN Diorama Structure Business Hotel

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Production schedule August


Item number <2711>
Product name Toyoko Inn
Price including tax ¥ 6,160.-
Release date August or later (reproduced product)
Product set composition
・ Building body x 1 building
・ 2 turf sheets for planting department
・ Double-sided tape for turf sheets x 2

Product features
Toyoko Inn is an accommodation-specialized hotel that offers "safe, comfortable, and clean rooms" based on the basic concept of "reinforcing bar version of the inn in front of the station" at a reasonable price. It was established in 1986 (Showa 61).
The name comes from the fact that Kamata, which is the middle point between Tokyo and Yokohama, is the birthplace. The exterior is designed based on brown.
As of January 23, 2021, we have 323 stores in Japan and overseas.

-It is the best item to reproduce the front of the station.
● Because it is a finished product, it can be installed and exhibited immediately after purchase.

● High-precision printing reproduces the difference between the vertical pattern painting (No2711) and the horizontal pattern painting (No2712) on the front outer wall.
-The difference in design is reproduced in the lobby sash part on the 1st floor.
● The Western-style handrail installed in the window in the center of the front is reproduced by precision printing (No2711).
● The balcony of the guest room is a separate expression.
● By using an optional sticker, you can change the outdoor independent signboard (sleeve signboard) to your favorite store name.