Tomix 9473 JNR Type Kiha 40-2000 Later Version Add-On N Scale

Tomix 9473 JNR Type Kiha 40-2000 Later Version Add-On N Scale

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Kiha 40 series is a general type diesel car that appeared in 1977.
The Kiha 40 type is a vehicle that features a double cab and a single opening passenger door among the Kiha 40 series.
Kiha 40 type 2000 is a vehicle for warm regions, and the side windows adopt a two-step rising sash window, and it was operated mainly in western Japan, but also in Kanto and Tohoku.

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Product name
JNR Diesel Car Kiha 40-2000 (T)
- High grade (HG) specification
-Reproduce the Kiha 40 type 2000 series manufactured for warm regions
- The front window glass reproduces the appearance with a defroster
- Typhon is a selection formula from four types of [shutter type / slit type] each large and small
-The front display part is replaceable and pre-printed parts [Normal (dark blue)] are installed.
-Replacement front display parts [Rapid] [(white background)] included
-Car number and JR mark are selectable and transfer sheet included
- Head and tail lights, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
- Head / tail light, front display is lit by white LED
-The headlights are lit in a color close to the light bulb color by adopting a color prism.
- H rubber is reproduced in gray
-The seat is reproduced in blue
- Shoe rails and door rails are printed in silver
-New power collection system, black wheels
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment

Product content
-Kiha 40-2000 (M)

- Runner parts: train radio antenna, signal flame tube
- Runner parts: Typhon
- Runner parts: front display parts
-Parts: jumper hose
-Parts: Hood frame
-Parts: Obstacle escaper
-Parts: Toilet sink pipe
-Parts: Jig
-Transfer sheet: car number etc.