Tomix HO-2005  JR EF210-100 Electric Locomotive ( New Color )

Tomix HO-2005 JR EF210-100 Electric Locomotive ( New Color )

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The EF210-100 with a modified control system has appeared since the expansion car in 2000, and the Momotaro mark is widely distributed.
From Unit 109 onwards, a single arm pantograph is installed.
In June 2018, No. 107 appeared with a new paint, and it was changed to a painting method similar to EF210-300 and started working.

-Reproduce the appearance color changed to the new paint
● The driving wheel adopts an integrated plate driving wheel.
-The car number is selectable and comes with a metal transfer sheet
● The manufacturer's plate is an etching plate.
-Ward name tag seal included
-GPS antenna is already installed
-Reproduce the Momotaro mark on the side of the car body by printing
-Reproduce the "JR FREIGHT" logo under the driver's side window
-Reproduction of car body marks such as corner S, inspection marks and end marks by printing
-H rubber is reproduced in black
● Headlights are bulb color LED lights
● Electrical terminals are supported by parts mounted on the back of the carriage

Product content
● EF210-100 (new paint)

● Runner parts (etching): License plate base
● Runner parts (etching): Wiper
● Runner parts (etching): hook
● Runner parts (etching): Manufacturer's plate
● Runner parts (etching): Current terminal
● Runner parts: handrails (1)
● Runner parts: handrail (gray)
● Runner parts: handrail (blue)
● Runner parts: Liberation lever
● Runner parts: antenna, whistle, signal flame tube
● Runner parts: Bogie cable, step
● Runner parts: air hose, angle cock
● Parts: Energizing terminal holder
● Parts: Jig
● Seal: Ward name tag
● Transfer sheet (metal): Car number