Tomix HO-240 DF50 Type (Late Type, Vermilion, Prestige ) (HO)

Tomix HO-240 DF50 Type (Late Type, Vermilion, Prestige ) (HO)

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HO-240 DF50 type (late type, vermilion, PS)

The DF50 type is an electric diesel locomotive manufactured for the purpose of replacing the steam locomotive of the sub-main line.
It was placed all over the country except Hokkaido and was also used to tow sleeper limited express trains, but retired in 1983 due to the expansion of the DD51 type.

-Reproduce the vermilion era of the late type DF50
● Prestige model with parts installed
-The underfloor cooling device reproduces the vertical type
-The filter cover on the side reproduces the Yoroi door type
● Uses a KM head that makes the headlights look silver when the lights are off.
-The car number is selectable with a transfer sheet, and a license plate with a direct attachment to the car body and an etching plate and a transfer sheet base are also included
● A large snowplow can be attached (detachable)
-H rubber is gray and reproduces the appearance with H rubber on the gangway door
-Reproduce the short flue on the roof
● Printed head mark included (comet)
-Reproduce the car body marking by printing
● "Rice" is printed on the ward name tag
-Manufacturer's plate comes with separate parts
● Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED, with ON-OFF switch
● Spoke wheels adopted
● Coupler uses Kady-NO.5
● The energizing terminal is installed in the duct on the roof.
● <The following parts will be installed in metal>
・ Various handrails, wipers, release levers, fusee tubes, air hoses, tablet catchers, protectors
● <The following parts will be equipped with plastic parts>
・ Bogie step
● Minimum radius R600 can be passed

Product content
● DF50 (late model, vermilion, prestige)

● Runner parts: License plate
● Runner parts: Base for car number transfer sheet
● Runner parts: Maker's plate, end notation
● Runner parts: Head mark
● Runner parts: Head mark pedestal
● Transfer sheet (metal): Car number