Kato 1-514  (HO) Ohafu 33 Passenger Car, Brown

Kato 1-514 (HO) Ohafu 33 Passenger Car, Brown

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The Oha 35 series is one of the representative passenger car types of the prewar Japanese National Railways, with more than 2,000 cars mass-produced, and is the series that boasts the largest number of passenger cars in Japan. Introduced in 1939 with a folding wife / dome, a 1-meter-wide cabin window, a TR23 dolly, and a structure that makes heavy use of welding. The activity was spread all over the country, and could be seen everywhere from express trains to regular trains.

-Faithfully reproduces the solid style that seems to be an old general type passenger car, with two-stage rain doy, wooden doors, rounded roof edges, and heavy use of rivets.
-Beautifully reproduces the standard paint color of the old general-purpose passenger car of the Japanese National Railways, which is now a nostalgic coloring
● Customer windows that can be set by selecting the open / closed state with the attached window parts.
● The brake van (Ohafu 33) is equipped with a lighting taillight with a light-off switch as standard equipment.
-Equipped with a TR23 type bogie with spoke wheels that expresses pillow springs, end beams, and brake shoes.
● Accessories
・ Lettering sheet with abundant notations, telescopic drawbar