Kato 10-1709 Series 117 Central JR Color 4-Car Set A (N)
Kato 10-1709 Series 117 Central JR Color 4-Car Set A (N)
Kato 10-1709 Series 117 Central JR Color 4-Car Set A (N)

Kato 10-1709 Series 117 Central JR Color 4-Car Set A (N)

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Kato will make an N-scale model of the Series 117 Central JR color. After being introduced in the Japanese National Railways era and going through reconfiguration, the Series 117 Central JR color from 1994 onwards, which became a single orange belt appearance after the change to JR.
Nine six-car trains of the 117 Series were used in the Nagoya area at the end of the JNR era, but in 1986, in order to improve transportation capacity, the lead cars were newly manufactured and the trains were reconfigured to form 18 four-car trains.
After the privatization, it was taken over by Central JR, and in 1989, it was changed to a white body with an orange belt, and after 1994, the painting was simplified.
The actual trains continued to operate after the introduction of the 313 series, and were seen running together with the 313 series. In 2009, one of the trains was reprinted in the revival color (JNR paint) with a brown belt.
The scale model 4-car set A is made up with series Kuha 116-200 as the top car in an outbound train, while 4-car set B is composed with series Kuha 117-100 as the top car in an inbound train, KATO will also release an 8-car set that includes the revival color cars as a special product.

①series Kuha 117-0 has no side display and is equipped with a toilet.
②This special set consists of 8 cars in revival colors and central JR colors, allowing you to recreate the mixed color combinations seen only in JR Tokai. Special stickers are also included.
③Dummy couplers are already installed on the first car. By replacing the couplers, you can recreate the 8-car train set made of combined two 4 car sets that was seen in the real train.(The 8-car set is pre-installed with coupling parts).
④The power cars of the 4-car set are not fitted with traction tires. The power cars of the especially planned set are equipped with traction tires.
⑤The head and tail lights of each lead car are illuminated on the front display (with a light-off switch).
⑥“New Rapid” is already installed as the front display sign. Other front displays “Rapid” “Section rapid” “Local” come with this set for exchange. The 8-car set also comes with a plain-colored plastic sprue with 6 pieces display signs.
⑦DCC Friendly.