Kato 10-1868 Series 100 "Kuroshio" 6-Car Basic Set Powered (N)
Kato 10-1868 Series 100 "Kuroshio" 6-Car Basic Set Powered (N)

Kato 10-1868 Series 100 "Kuroshio" 6-Car Basic Set Powered (N)

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Series 381 Express Shinano started as the world-first pendulum express in 1973 on Chuo Main Lines, and in 1988 it was operated as a 6-car “Panorama Shinano” express train including the newly developed panorama-view first-class top-car KURO 381 10, winning a good reputation.

381 series 100 series "Kuroshio"
・Reproduce the form after the JR transition in 1989 during its heyday.
・Reproduces the typical form of the JR era with JR radio antenna equipment, black H rubber, washroom window blockage, no JNR mark, and JR mark display.
- Accurately reproduces the specifications of the 100 series, such as the under floor of the lead car of the 100 series, which is different from the 0 series, and the under floor equipped with a waste disposal device.
・Reproduce the pantograph frame with snowproof cover
・The coupler of the intermediate connection part uses a body mount close connection type (with hook)
・Headlight/taillight lighting
-The lead car uses a convertible train mark. Contains 4 types: "Kuroshio", "Yakumo", "Kinosaki", and "Stork"
・Adoption of a slotless motor realizes even smoother and quieter running performance
・The side destination display includes a sticker that includes the side destination display corresponding to each train nickname.
・Equipped with KATO's unique body pendulum mechanism that reproduces the inward tilt of the body when passing through curves, just like the actual vehicle.
・DCC friendly
- A 3-car additional set of vehicles can be stored in the book case of the 6-car basic set. A full 9-car train can be stored in one book case.
・Accessories: 6-car basic set: destination display sticker, conversion driver