Kato 2-853 (HO) Turnout R550 Right

Kato 2-853 (HO) Turnout R550 Right

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【Product introduction】
Kato's HO gauge track, manual point R550 (right).

The long-selling electric point No. 4 is now available as a manual point.
Each part has been improved to make it easier to use. The content structure of the included auxiliary tracks etc. is the same as the existing product, and it is possible to develop a layout plan with a high degree of freedom in a relatively small space.

The point body is newly manufactured, and a new spring point function has been added.
With simple manual handling points, you can easily incorporate it into your layout and enjoy it.
Motorization is also possible with options such as point machines and point switches (sold separately).

Improved operability by placing the switching lever on the upper surface of the track bed. Layout made easier
By adopting independent tip rails and insulation flogs on the left and right, it can also be used as a spring point to advance the vehicle in the back (merge) regardless of the opening direction.
Motorization and DCC conversion are possible with separately sold options (point machine, point switch, DCC point machine, etc.)
The line energization method is "selectable" at the time of shipment from the factory. The setting can be changed to "non-selective" by replacing the screws on the back.

【set content】
Manual point R550 (right)
Auxiliary line S61L
Auxiliary track S61R
Straight track S114
Curved track R550-3.5°
Curved track R550-15.5°