Kato 22-251-2 Sound Card "SL Yamaguchi"
Kato 22-251-2 Sound Card "SL Yamaguchi"

Kato 22-251-2 Sound Card "SL Yamaguchi"

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We will commercialize a new type of sound card that allows you to enjoy running a model railroad as if you were traveling on the SL "Yamaguchi" passenger car.
Sounds that can be heard when boarding the SL "Yamaguchi", such as station yard broadcasts and in-car broadcasts, joint sounds when crossing rail joints, tunnel passages and railroad crossing passages, and other sounds that can be enjoyed from the perspective of train passengers. It is a card. The pleasure of traveling on a passenger train can be reproduced with a model railroad.
If you press the function buttons on the sound box in order as the vehicle runs, you can enjoy the series of steps from entering the SL "Yamaguchi" station to boarding and arriving.
This product is a "controller tuning" type sound card. You can easily enjoy driving the vehicle while listening to the running noise and operating it.
A sound card that allows you to enjoy the sound of the SL "Yamaguchi" currently operating between Shin-Yamaguchi and Tsuwano with the 35 series passenger car that debuted in the fall of 2017.
Based on the interview with SL "Yamaguchi", the journey of the 35 series passenger car starting from the entrance to the station before boarding is reproduced with realistic sound.
Adopting the first "rail joint sound" in the sound card, we are pursuing a realistic reproduction of the journey of the passenger car. The blast sound of SL is slightly layered.
By pressing the six function buttons, SL whistle, passenger car door opening and closing sounds, whistle signals and announcements by station staff and conductors, tunnel and railroad crossing passing sounds, etc. will sound.
The controller-tuned type card allows you to enjoy the driving sensation that is integrated with the train, such as from departure to acceleration, in a realistic and easy manner.
A "function label" compatible with the sound box is included in the package.