Micro Ace A8764 Series 205-500 Sagami Line 4-pcs N Scale
Micro Ace A8764 Series 205-500 Sagami Line 4-pcs N Scale

Micro Ace A8764 Series 205-500 Sagami Line 4-pcs N Scale

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Micro Ace A8764 Series 205-500 Sagami Line 4-pcs N Scale
【Product introduction】
Completed Micro Ace N-gauge vehicle, 205 Series 500 Sagami Line new paint with track equipment monitoring device (R12 formation) 4-car set.

Timely commercialization of the Sagami Line 205 series, which was announced to be retired by the spring revision of 2022, in its later years.
Among the track facility monitoring devices that can be seen under the floor of JR East conventional train cars in recent years, the track material monitoring device was created with a new mold.
The bottom of the track material monitoring device emits light in two colors, red and white, based on the actual train.
Kuha 204-512 ventilator is reproduced in silver color imitating unpainted stainless steel based on the actual car.
Equipped with a single-arm pantograph, the appearance after the body band color has become more bluish.
Body side silver color changed to the same color as A1660/1661 Series 205 Yamanote Line released in August 2021
Headlights, taillights, front display lighting (using LED)
Equipped with power unit with flywheel

[Product organization]
← Chigasaki
[ Kuha 205-512 ] + [ Moha 205-512 (M) ] + [ Moha 204-512 ] + [ Kuha 204-512 ]

[Actual vehicle introduction]
The 205 series 500s were manufactured in 1991 when the electrification of the Sagami Line began.
Changes such as changing the front shape, installing a skirt, and installing a push button corresponding to semi-automatic handling of the door were made from the 0th generation.
-In recent years, various improvements such as pantograph single arm, belt color change, seat moquette change, headlight white LED, etc. I plan to retire after the spring revision.
JR East has developed a "track facility monitoring device" that allows inspections of track facilities, etc., to be carried out on commercial trains, which was conventionally performed by dedicated vehicles.
Track equipment monitoring devices are roughly divided into two types: track irregularity measuring devices and track material monitoring devices.
[Product specifications]
Scale: N gauge (9mm)
Product form: Painted finished product
Body material: plastic
Motor: Equipped with power unit with flywheel
Lights: headlights, taillights, front display lighting (using LEDs)
Accessories: Destination sticker

[Option (sold separately)]
Wide interior light (G0001/G0002/G0003/G0004)
Micro coupler Mitsuren / black (F0001)