Kato 2022-1 Steam Locomotive C12 N Scale
Kato 2022-1 Steam Locomotive C12 N Scale

Kato 2022-1 Steam Locomotive C12 N Scale

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This is the smallest tank locomotive among JR steam locomotives made in Japan. This is a light axle steam engine for simply made railroad lines which became the origin for C56. 282 of the C12 cars were manufactured since 1932. The small engine ran as a mascot in an engine depot or as a star on local lines.
C12 was deployed to such lines as Ashio, Akechi, Kakogawa, Takasago, Uwajima, Takachiho, and Takamori lines across Japan and proved very useful as a switcher in station yards and engine depots. It was in service in Otaru Chikko engine depot, etc. along with C62 and D51.

・Reproduces the form around 1970, when steam locomotives were nearing their end.
-The front wheel, driving wheel, and trailing wheel have missing spokes to reproduce a detailed and realistic appearance. The air action tube has a copper tube expression printed on it. No run board white line
・The headlights are turned on in the direction of travel for both the front and rear (no off switch). LP42, equipped with ATS generator, sand spreader pipe reproduces the initial type of front and rear distribution.
・Minimum passing radius R150. A small tank steam locomotive suitable for operation in small layouts and small spaces.
- Adopts a power unit with flywheel for stable running.
・Able to tow 5 20m class passenger cars on a standard slope of 4%
・Accessories: Selectable license plate ``42'', ``46'', ``51'', ``67'', replacement knuckle coupler (rear), 1 each of Arnold coupler and knuckle coupler for heavy use (for reverse driving)