Tomix 4247 Elevated Station B Store  N Gauge

Tomix 4247 Elevated Station B Store N Gauge

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4247 Elevated Station B (Store)
-Reproduce the store adjacent to the ticket gate under the viaduct
● The width is 140 mm, which is the same length as the straight rail S140.
● Includes bridge piers for elevated stations used when the station is layered into two or more levels.
● Used in combination with the separately sold multi-viaduct S140 (for facing homes) and multi-viaduct S140-55.5.
● Can be placed at right angles to the rail with the rotating coupling that comes with the separately sold hierarchical elevated beam.
● Can be expanded in combination with elevated stations B sold separately or elevated station A
● Comes with color stickers for stores, signboards, implants, etc.

Product content
● Elevated Station B (Store)

● Runner parts: Signboards for elevated stations, etc.
● Runner parts: Bridge piers for elevated stations
● Parts: Roof end plate for elevated station
● Parts: Coupling
● Stickers: Signboards, etc.