Tomix 7150 JR ED79-100 Type Electric Locomotive (H Rubber Gray)  N Scale

Tomix 7150 JR ED79-100 Type Electric Locomotive (H Rubber Gray) N Scale

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The ED79 type was introduced as a locomotive used in the Seikan Tunnel, which opened in 1988, with the ED75-700 type equipped with a modification for continuous gradient and high speed in the tunnel and a security device for the Seikan Tunnel.
The ED79 type 100th generation appeared as an auxiliary locomotive for freight trains, and was used for freight trains passing between Higashi-Aomori and Goryokaku, but all of them retired in 2006.
Since the 100th generation was equipped with a security device only on the 2nd end side, it was always connected to the Hakodate side of the double heading with the 0th generation.

Product number
Product name
JR ED79-100 type electric locomotive (H rubber gray)
-Reproduce the appearance with the side inspection port
-Reproduce the appearance without the JR mark at the beginning of appearance
● H rubber is reproduced in gray
● Dummy coupler and self-contained TN coupler included
● Driver's cab see-through expression
-Reproduced in black on the roof
● Headlights are equipped with a constantly lit board and have an ON-OFF switch.
● Headlights are lit by light bulb color LEDs
-The license plate comes with separate parts "ED79-104 / 106/108/111"
-Separate parts are included for the fusee, whistle, and train radio antenna.
-The front handrail (vertical) comes with separate parts
-The release lever is already equipped with different parts
● Power adopted with flywheel
● Black bogie frame and black wheels are used
● Uses wheels with a box center
● M-13 motor adopted
● Can run on mini curve rails

Product content
● ED79-100 (H rubber gray)

● Runner parts: Front railing
● Runner parts: License plate (front / side)
● Runner parts: Maker's plate
● Runner parts: Train radio antenna
● Runner parts: whistle, fusee
● Parts: Self-contained TN coupler
● Parts: Self-contained dummy coupler
● Parts: Dummy coupler receiver
● Parts: Jig