Reservation 7 Feb  Greenmax 31586 Hankyu 1300 Formation 8-car Set (with power) (N)

Reservation 7 Feb Greenmax 31586 Hankyu 1300 Formation 8-car Set (with power) (N)

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Release date after June<31586>

Product name Hankyu 1300 series (1300 formation) 8-car formation set (with power)
Price including tax ¥ 41,250.-
Release date after June
About the actual vehicle
The Hankyu 1300 series is a new model of Hankyu that was introduced in March 2014 for the Kyoto Line / Senri Line and for the subway Sakaisuji Line, and is being expanded for the purpose of replacing resistance control cars. .. It is an 8-car train with a 3-door 19m car with an aluminum body, and unlike the 1000 series for the Shinpo line, it was manufactured as a vehicle exclusively for the Kyoto line system in terms of body width and body length.

Organization diagram <31586> Hankyu 1300 series (1300 organization) organization diagram
Product features
■ Osaka Umeda / Kyoto Kawaramachi Station Name change
■ Reproduce the roof plate featuring FOMA antenna piping with a new mold

■ Vehicle number and company crest are printed
■ Front / side type destination display, priority seats (large / small), mildly air-conditioned car, wheelchair / stroller mark are attached stickers (new production) selection formula
■ Train radio antenna and fuse box are user-installed
■ Lightning arrester is an integrated sculpture expression, FOMA antenna is already installed
■ Headlight (white), tail light (red), front type / destination display (white), over-marker lamp (white) lights up
■ The front passage indicator lamp can be turned on or off on the left or right with the switch on the light unit board.
■ Equipped with a coreless motor power unit with a flywheel

* Product specifications may differ from the actual vehicle.