Tomix 98517 JR Series E231-1000 (Tokaido Line/Renewed Car) 6 Cars Add-on Set (N)
Tomix 98517 JR Series E231-1000 (Tokaido Line/Renewed Car) 6 Cars Add-on Set (N)

Tomix 98517 JR Series E231-1000 (Tokaido Line/Renewed Car) 6 Cars Add-on Set (N)

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E231-1000 (Tokaido Line/Renewed Car) Add-on

The E231 series is a commuter and suburban train developed by JR East and is active in each DC section in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The E231 series belonging to the Kozu Rolling Stock Center began commercial operation in 2004 with the aim of replacing the 113 series.
Two double-decker green cars are connected to the basic formation of 10 cars.
Since its appearance, it has been active in a wide range from the North Kanto area to the South Kanto area via the Shonan Shinjuku Line.
It is also operated with the E233 series on the Ueno Tokyo Line, which opened in 2015.
Since 2020, the VVVF inverter device, SIV power supply device, etc. have been sequentially updated, and the appearance of some underfloor equipment has changed.

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Product name
JR E231-1000 Series Train (Tokaido Line/Renewal Car) Extension Set Features
-Reproduce the E231-1000 series update car belonging to Kozu Vehicle Center
-The underfloor of Moha E231 and Moha E230 reproduces the updated equipment
-The body of Salo E230 has been redesigned and reproduced with new production.
- Salo E230 truck reproduces the appearance with the yaw damper removed
-A 10-car basic train can be reproduced by combining this product (cars 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8) and part number 98515
-The side exterior speaker preparation part is three-dimensionally expressed with sculpture
-The car body is reproduced with two types of silver
-A destination sticker for the front display used for part number 98515 is included.
- Replacement front glass without front display part printing used for product number 98515 is included
- Green car mark is printed
-The car number is selectable and comes with a transfer sheet
-Reproduce the side green glass
-New power collection system, black wheels

Product content
- Moha E230-3500
- Moha E231-1500
● Salo E230-1000
-Saha E231-1000
-Saha E231-1000
- Moha E230-1500